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Access Knowledge and Insights from the Top 1%, Tailored To Your Brand.

With a combined 34 years of experience in the industry, Next Level Ambitions is a trio of expert operatives who have quietly revolutionized the way eCommerce founders, CMOs, and directors of growth think about and approach scaling their brands. Once only accessible to the elite, NLA has come out of the shadows to level the playing field and empower brands like yours with the skills, knowledge, and tools to build stronger marketing and operational machines that yield double and triple-digit growth, year-over-year.
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Next Level Ambitions operatives, dressed in suits from left to right: Tieron Spear, Kai Ravariere, and Tommy Powers, showcasing their collective professionalism and determination.
Just a Few Brands Who Trust Us:

What If You Could Structure More Certainty into Your Business?

What if, instead of wondering whether a strategy would move the needle, you knew it would because you saw exactly which levers it would pull, right there in your own data?
What if you could eavesdrop on conversations had by the top 1% in backdoor rooms that command a six figure check to gain access to?
What if you could get access to real talent, technology, resources, and covert opportunities to take your revenue and profitability to the next level?
What if you could bypass all the fluff and get the game you’ve been missing – from your guru’s guru’s guru?
How would your life change? where would you go? what would you create? how would you elevate?
Who would you become?
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Kai Ravariere, co-founder of Next Level Ambitions, dressed in a sleek black suit, exuding empowerment as she holds a gun with a determined expression.

Finally, you can have it all. Take back control of your business. Take back control of your destiny.

The key? It lies in a structured framework that:
  • Helps you intuitively understand the right time to implement the right solutions to the right problems,
  • Helps you connect the dots that others can’t,
  • Gives you insight into why strategies do (and don’t) work and the context to determine what strategies will move the needle for your brand and teams, and
  • Creates a path of clarity across marketing, operations, and teams so that you can see what your competitors can’t see and therefore do what your competitors can’t do.
A brand will never scale at maximum efficiency with paid traffic until all of the foundational components are laid down and arranged where they need to be. And there are far more of those than are being talked about in the industry.
Our philosophy to seamless scaling and growth centers around the Truly Scalable Framework, which has allowed some of the fastest-growing, most profitable brands in the industry to build brands that can scale, grow, and spend on advertising – even amidst chaos on the platforms, economic uncertainty, market volatility. Even while their competitors pull back on spend, begin shutting off campaigns, and start to panic.
The Framework takes a unique, holistic approach to marketing, advertising, and growth strategy that takes into account the hundreds of ways data across departments, channels and verticals impact and influence one another to drive outcomes across the entire business, not just the ad account. Marketing, operational, and departmental metrics must all be evaluated to determine a brand’s True Scalability Score. Bottlenecks and inefficiencies across the entire business must be rooted out and eliminated before a brand’s paid advertising can run at maximum efficiency and profitability.
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You don’t have time to decipher guru code. Get the game, straight-no-chaser. Fluff-free.

The secret to swift, seamless, and profitable scaling for eCommerce is rooted in over $200 million in ads data, with over $2 billion in revenue generated for brands across 70+ markets.

Become Impervious to the Platforms

Leveraging the Truly Scalable Framework developed by The KR Agency, we open the eyes of founders, growth strategists, and CMOs alike to the untapped potential lying dormant in their own data to drive real profitability and massively successful outcomes.
How? Unlike other consultants, our prime directive is to create insulation from channel, market, platform, and economic volatility – rendering the brands who employ our recommendations virtually bulletproof from elements like iOS14, import and manufacturing delays, and recession woes. With access to critical, game-changing insights that you otherwise may never get access to, NLA bridges an increasingly massive knowledge gap amidst a sea of misinformation.
Tieron Spear, co-founder of Next Level Ambitions, exudes strength and style in a black suit, holding a crossed samurai sword in front of him with a poised and resolute demeanor.

Get Next Level Clarity

In the ever-competitive, ever-chaotic world of eCommerce, NLA empowers businesses to assert industry dominance by creating clear, completely customized, actionable paths to growth and profitability that unlock massive success for brands. Our bespoke approach laser targets your biggest opportunities for growth, filling knowledge gaps, connecting you to A-level implementors, and helping you feel in control over your growth trajectory again.
Kai Ravariere, co-founder of Next Level Ambitions, dressed in a sleek black suit, exuding professionalism and curiosity as she peers through her glasses with a focused expression

Build Like The Top 1% of Brands

We believe that nothing should operate in a silo. Every channel, department, and element impacts other aspects of the business, which means attention must be paid to the health of the company as a whole in order to make maximum impact using the power of paid traffic and other marketing efforts. With cutting-edge methodologies and an unrelenting, unapologetic pursuit of excellence, we propel brands forward, continuously surpassing industry benchmarks.
Tommy Powers, co-founder of Next Level Ambitions, emanates authority in a black suit, arms crossed, gripping a gun on both hands with a focused and determined stance.

Even the cynics are convinced.

Darren Thomas Testimonial for Next Level Ambitions

"They took several eCom brands to seven figures and got other eCommerce brands to eight figure valuations. I had to make sure all this was real and it was true, but they checked out!"

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We Are Called The eCommerce Vanguard. Meet The Trinity.

Our trio of clandestine marketing leaders, having served as the best-kept secret for a variety of DTC eCommerce brands, command a formidable track record in digital advertising and growth consulting. Tommie, Tie and Kai have collectively generated over $2 billion in revenue while maintaining or improving profitability for brands across niches and industries.
Next level ambitions operatives dressed in black suits, from left to right: Tieron Spear confidently wields a gun, Kai Ravariere holds a samurai sword and Tommy Powers wears a Thanos gauntlet. A dynamic and powerful ensemble.

Tieron Spear

Our resident conversion rate optimization mercenary and AI mastermind, Tie is a seven-figure eCommerce brand owner, angel investor, and consultant who has helped brands 400,000x their investment in our programs.

Kai Ravariere

Our artificially intelligent scaling architect and eCommerce rainmaker who has been the secret weapon behind some of your favorite brands, achieving $1.5 billion in revenue for companies across 27 markets using Meta and TikTok advertising.

Tommie Powers

Our YouTube ads kingpin, is the man the gurus quietly call when they’re stuck. He brings with him extensive advisory expertise from Silicon Valley and $550mm in revenue generated for brands from paid traffic on

YouTube and Google.

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These Brands Confide in Us for Mission-Critical Insights and Intel:
Don’t Sink. Don’t Swim. Soar.

Bespoke Consultation, Strategic Acceleration & Insightful Analysis.

Our framework and philosophy to scaling eCommerce brands is proven and rooted in over $200 million in ads data, with over $2 billion in revenue generated.
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For Five to Seven-Figure Brands

The Red Pixel Analysis

Unlock the power of your own data and get next-level clarity with our Red Pixel Analysis, a one-on-one consulting session uncovering transformational insights to skyrocket eCommerce store’s conversion rates.
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For Six to Eight-Figure Brands

The NLA Intensive

By diving deep into your brand’s own marketing, operational, and departmental metrics, we uproot and uncover insights and strategies that are as deep as they are transformative. Equipping you with powerful, actionable insights that you’ll never find online or in a traditional mastermind, NLA's intimate, in-person intensive events are notorious for providing you highly-personalized attention and clarity when it comes to digital marketing and advertising.
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For Mid-Six to Eight-Figure Brands

The Next Level Mastermind And Accelerator

Our 90-Day Accelerator program is designed for swift and strategic brand evolution. Intimate by design and powered by the Socratic Method, benefit from weekly strategy sessions completely tailored to your exact needs and questions, expert guidance, and an accountability structure that guarantees powerful progress.
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For Six to Eight-Figure Brands

Scalability Consulting

The biggest eye-opener for brands struggling with achieving performance and profitability using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. These one-on-one sessions illuminate the path to becoming impervious to economic, channel, and market volatility – allowing you to scale and continue spending on these platforms even when your the rest of the industry feels they can’t.
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For Funds

VC And PE Fund Partnerships

The savviest ICs know the power of growth strategists and marketers who can foresee a company’s success based on its current quantitative and qualitative data, through the lens of CMOs, media buyers, and growth strategists. Build a long-term partnership with NLA, increase your win/hit rates and mitigate your risk.
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For Seven to Ten-Figure Brands

Done-For-You Services

Achieve your full growth potential with Kai as your fractional CMO or harness her elite-level arsenal of the industry’s savviest wordsmiths, data scientists, media buyers, scaling architects, and growth marketers – with an attention to detail and bespoke, white-glove service that is unmatched in the eCommerce industry.
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The Scaling Uncensored Podcast

Obtain Insider Intel on What It Really Takes to Hit Eight and Nine Figures in eCommerce.
Increase Conversions with The Betty Crocker Secret
4X eCommerce Sales With This
Breaking The Myth of Needing More Traffic to Scale
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There are levels to these levels.

Discover how the fastest-growing brands think, build, lead, and scale. Become your own guru.
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