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Committed to helping DTC brands harness the power of paid social advertising the smart way, Kai has developed a truly unique approach to maximum efficiency, high-yield advertising at our partner company, The KR Agency. If you’ve determined your brand needs to make some changes in how you think about, approach, and execute on paid social advertising, embark on a data-driven mission designed to systematically unlock the potential that lies beyond as we lead your brand to unparalleled heights.
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How Truly Scalable is Your Brand?

Find out with the True Scalability Diagnostic.

Scaling profitably is a challenge for so many only because brands often spend too much time, money, and energy on the wrong problems, tackling them with the wrong solutions, in the wrong order. Identify your most lucrative opportunities for growth, scaling and profitability with the most comprehensive free diagnostic online – using your own marketing, operational, and departmental data. Connect the dots in your data to see what others can't see, so you can do what others can't do. Become your own guru and change how you run your eCommerce brand. Forever.
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Holistic Ads Management: The Next Frontier in Media Buying

KRA revolutionizes eCommerce brand growth with unparalleled methodologies and frameworks backed by $127 million in ads data. Our groundbreaking approach is called Holistic Media Buying, a method coined that combines media buying with holistic growth consulting and circumvents the increasing limitations traditional media buyers face. This novel method of scaling brands allows them to fully optimize hidden marketing, operational, and departmental bottlenecks that impede peak efficiency in paid advertising efforts.

With tailored solutions based on your unique products, goals, audiences, teams, assets, and resources, KRA scales cutting-edge campaigns for maximum brand visibility, engagement, and sales.

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World-Class CMO & CMO-Level Consulting Offerings

Kai Ravariere, co-founder at Next Level Ambitions and principal at The KR Agency, firmly believes that “you cannot chart a clear path to get where you’re going until you first know exactly where you are.” This philosophy is the cornerstone of her Truly Scalable Framework and the heart of KRA’s approach to scaling brands as a fractional CMO. A service best served for eCommerce brands with 3-8 teams across their marketing division, brands benefit from the full force of KRA's creative direction, offer development, analytics, and growth strategy teams to ensure cohesion in strategy, execution, and collaboration across your brand's stakeholders and teams.

Kai personally and painstakingly leads the charge to leading marketing and growth efforts, and helps optimize the business and all the verticals that directly or indirectly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your brand’s marketing and advertising. This ensures a caliber of execution and implementation of her consulting recommendations needed to drive maximum impact.

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Even the cynics are convinced.

Darren Thomas Testimonial for Next Level Ambitions

"KRA is one of the most meticulous and thorough teams we have worked with to date. Kai has always overdelivered and exceeded our expectations time and again. She went above and beyond to help us think through all the angles to optimize on paid, helps keep strategy sharp, and has helped consistently exceed our volume, ROAS, and member acquisition targets. We've come to lean on them for optimization and growth insights across a number of our teams."

Reid Benson
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Explore The Next Level in eCommerce Intelligence.

The Scaling Uncensored Podcast

Obtain Insider Intel on What It Really Takes to Hit Eight and Nine Figures in eCommerce.
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Discover how the fastest-growing brands think, build, lead, and scale. Become your own guru.
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